Your Kid is Always safe and in-front of your eyes


 Is considered to be one of the first specialized childcare & nurseries, who operates five days a week and about 15 hours a day (from 6 am to 8 pm) all year long except Eid and national day holydays. In addition, KaRaZ Wo Toot offers three free healthy meals including two snacks between them according to our weekly schedule. Our open spaces along with educational activities meet the needs of all age groups.


About Karaz wo Toot

  • KaRaZ Wo Toot mobile app, keeps you instantly connected to monitor your child/s “real time”.
  • Watch your child/s playing and have their best and beautiful moments’ pictures saved in your smart phone.
  • With ultimate transparence, communicate “IM” with nannies and supervisors and be sure that your notes and observations are considered.


Our Location

Karaz wo Toot
7894 Abi Nakhlah, Al Mutamarat, Riyadh 12711